Plastic Seal

Security Plastic Seal is a one-time lock to prevent theft, alteration or modification of goods in transit. Because of the special design of the structure and materials of the security seals, laser-engraved and serial numbers and signs that are strictly controlled by the manufacturer, any intervention on the seals can be easily detected or inspected. Enhance the internal control process of logistics to achieve simple and rapid results.
The plastic seal consists of two parts, one end is a square plastic mouth with a hook-shaped elastic plastic buckle inside, and the other end is a plastic strip with serrated teeth. The strip can be bent through the plastic port at the front and form a ring. It can be used to bundle cables like a belt like a pair of pants.
● The product has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, strong endurance, and safety.
● Guaranteed at minus 45 degrees and 50 degrees above zero
● Surface hot stamping, laser printing variable strip number, company name
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