Plastic Seal for Container

plastic seal for container Material: PP&PE;stainless steel pin Average Strength: >360N Imprinting: Laser engraving/Hot stamping Marks: Numbering,logo,bar code




P302 China lowest price one time use plastic seal for container

Product Description:                                                                                         


Material:    PP&PE;stainless steel pin

Average Strength: >360N

Imprinting:    Laser engraving/Hot stamping

Marks:     Numbering,logo,bar code




1pc net weight:8.16g

100pcs in a bag:910g

2500pcs in a carton:21.15kg






Product Features:                                                                                               


Lower profile locking barrel reduces chances of incidental breakage while enabling more compact packaging.

Increased security and reliability through a redesigned locking barrel internal configuration featuring three sturdy locking teeth.

Larger flag and extended flag option provide more surface area to print.

A thicker flag provides a more stable platform to improve print quality and accuracy while eliminating the blushing typically seen on other seals.

The section connecting the flag to the strap is flattened to increase the flexibility of the seal and reduce the chances of breakage due to tension.

Specifically designed to provide tamper evidence in a variety of uses.

UL compliant and suitable for securing fire extinguisher pins.






Print Options:

  • Hot Stamped (Black, White, Red, Yellow, Foil)

  • Laser Printing

  • Embossed



  • Customer name

  • Logo printing

  • Variable numbering

  • Standard barcode or 2D/QR technology


Seal  everything from food and beverage carts, to first aid boxes with the industry leading light or medium duty pull tight security seal.

plastic seal for container is a medium strength pull-tight, adjustable security seal designed to be used on any equipment requiring a highly tamper-resistant locking mechanism and reasonable degree of strength. This adjustable, pull-tight seal is manufactured out of High Density Polyethylene.




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