Metal Truck Seals

metal truck seals S103 Specification Width: 7 mm Overall length: 214.5mm Effective lock length: 193mm Seal Material: Tinplate steel Tensile strength: ≥500N Color: Tinplate steel,natural color Printing: Embossed consecutive sequential numbers Application Containers ocean


BC-S103 attractive and reasonable price metal truck seals supplier 

metal truck seals 

metal truck seals 


Seal Material: metal             

Length:      214.5mm or others as per request 

Tensile strength: ≥500N

Color:        Tinplate steel,natural color

Printing:      Embossed consecutive sequential numbers

Total length

Locking part wide

Metal thickness

Tensile strength





metal truck seals 


Mainly apply to seal trucks, doors,road tankers, meter boxes,post packages,bank money bags etc.

All-metal seals secure trailer doors, containers, rail cars, and other transportation equipment when in storage or transit.

Packing :

1) PE Bag : 100 pieces per bag ( according to length and weight )With the same range of serial numbers.10 bags one carton box,Or can be packed according to customers’ requests.

2) Box Size: 35x26x20cm  Gross weight: 6.7kg

3) Packed in Pallets

metal truck seals 

Metal truck seals s103  is a fixed length durable steel strap designed to provide an economical solution for securing cargo in storage and transit.Double locking barbs offer audible evidence of proper engagement and locking Embossed and consecutively numbered cannot be disengaged by intrusion or manipulation 130lb. tensile strength.

Pre numbered metal truck seals provide you with tamper evident security.  When a truck seal is locked into place, it can only be removed by cutting the seal and is not reusable, deeming it as tamper evident. These attachments are also referred to as security seals, numbered seals and meat seals.

metal truck seals 

metal truck seals 

Pre numbered seals provide options to record & track inventory and/or account for the products or containers that they’re attached and locked to. Bochuang metal truck seals  are durable and customizable.

Custom truck seals enhance tamper evidence. Seals are embossed with your specified unique text including the starting number you designate, and therefore cannot be readily duplicated. Custom truck seals can be ordered in 1000 piece packages.

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