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Where plastic seals apply
Jun 20, 2018

Plastic seals for what industry?

Plastic seals are suitable for various applications such as postal parcels, tankers, container trucks, and meter boxes. Applicable to financial, shipping, power, petrochemical containers and other industries for the confidentiality of the use of; for bags of goods sealed, sealed tanker, financial, oil transportation, mining, chemicals, railways, customs, container seals, foreign trade inspection, to prevent theft Leakage seal, and enterprise product inspection, packaging barrel packaging, transportation products processing and other industries.


What are the plastic seals?

1. The seal is made of PP plastic once injection molding, the steel sheet is sandwiched in the seal, and the product is in the minus 45 degrees, the 50 degrees above zero is the same type;

2. Plastic seals are acid and corrosion resistant;

3. The plastic seal has good toughness and is not easy to age;

4. Plastic seals are less expensive than wire seals;

5. Plastic seals are easy to seal

What can be printed on plastic seals?

1. Coding or serial number (usually a set of Arabic numerals in order of jurisdiction);

2. Customer's name or LOGO (such as "China Petroleum");

3. Date barcode, etc.

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