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The significance of innovative R&D security seals
Apr 25, 2018

Most of us that own and use computers understand perfectly well why we need to invest in antivirus software to protect ourselves from viral attacks, identity theft etc.

We make extra sure that our antivirus is set to "auto update", so we can rely on protection from the newest threats in cyber space.

In comparison, it may come as a surprise that many companies with a need for supply chain security/protection, do not make an effort to regularly look at the features of the security seals that they choose for their supply chains. This means they are overlooking the benefits or potential risks their seals are adding to their supply chain vulnerability.

The significance of innovative R&D security seals

Security seal features are precisely what distinguishes poorly designed security seals from unique security seal designs.Tamper resistance- and tamper evidence features serve a real purpose, and they add value.

Bochuang as a rapidly growing manufacturer of tamper-resistant security products is our dedication towards developing unique products designs that offer real value to the supply chain.

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