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The difference between electronic seals and ordinary seals
Jun 11, 2018

      Electronic seals are locked on the measuring instruments with lead seals just like normal seals, but each electronic seal has a uniquely readable identification code that is bundled in the database with the user's profile and is passed through a dedicated handheld. The meter reader can read the electronic seal information. Thus, it has a super counterfeit function and a meter reading function that are not available in ordinary seals, and can be widely applied to anti-theft and meter reading of metering instruments such as water meters, electric meters, and gas meters.


    Electronic seal is a new type of high-tech seal product. It differs from traditional seals in that the traditional seal anti-counterfeiting technology mainly relies on the marks printed on the outer surface of the seal (such as customer name, LOGO, code, water No., etc.) Since these identification information are exposed on the surface, the content of the information is clear at a glance, and it is mainly printed using laser printing, hot soup and other techniques. The anti-counterfeiting technology is not high and can be easily imitated. Electronic seals are different. First, the seal information is not exposed outside the traditional seals. It is stored on the chip inside the seal, so it is not easy to read the seal logo. A special scanner can read it. The second is that this type of chip containing identification information has a very high cost of copying, so that those who want to imitate can get back!

  The current market share of e-seal is still very low, mainly used in high-end market or high-value products for anti-counterfeiting and storage, mainly due to this technology has not yet universal, manufacturing costs are relatively high, so the average price is still difficult to accept customers. However, with the advancement of technology and the reduction of manufacturing costs, it is believed that in the near future, it will gradually become popular and replace the traditional seal.

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