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Tanker seal management method
Jun 25, 2018

     With the development of seals, people's understanding of it continues to deepen. Seals have also evolved from the Shi blockade, which was originally used only on electric meters and water meters, to today's logistics and transportation industries. Seal seals are now widely used in petroleum. Industry.

    Lead seals are often used during tanker transportation to prevent theft. Therefore, proper use of seals for tankers is particularly important! When using lead seals for oil tankers, attention should be paid to the quality of the lead seals at the source; standard seals for oil tankers; standard seals for oil tankers; inspection of seals;

    The management of seals is very important. You can strengthen the management of seals by the following methods:

First, the inspection of the number division will be issued as a photo to be rectified;

Second, the logistics inspection, found that the lead seal of the vehicle was not standardized and loopholes;

Third, regulate the seal of the fuel dispenser. Replacing the main board and encoder of the tanker must be submitted by the district official text. After the company's approval, the manager of the district and the relevant personnel of the Alphanumerics will personally come to supervise the seal;

Fourth, to amend seals, it is necessary to administer a complete lead-seal account and check records, and at the same time, continuously improve seal management. Seal quality checks, that is, inspection of the company's hair seals, found that the number is wrong and the integrity of the seal.

     By installing the above four methods, the management of the seals will be accomplished, which will provide good protection for the safety of oil tankers and the leakage of oil.

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