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Safety plastic seals must know
Jul 02, 2018

Safety plastic seals must be understood by the customer when ordering:

1. Operating temperature: -35 °C -85 °C;

2. Specifications: 370mm;

3. Material: PP;

4. Features: anti-acid anti-corrosion, good insulation, not easy to age, good flexibility, stylish design;

5. Uses: customs, finance, banking and other confidential work dressing; railway transportation, oil transportation, container transportation, air transportation and other logistics industry locks; construction industry mark; foreign trade inspection department and enterprise product inspection, packaging barrel packaging, energy Metering, preventing theft and leakage of seals; packaging, gifts, wires, meters, power supply, gas supply, water supply, military, chemical, mining, postal and other industries packaging and storage;

Safety plastic seals must know

6. Color: white (customer demand order);

7. Printing: company logo printing, assembly line number;

Safety plastic seal 3 points instructions

1. Safety Plastic Seals Scope of Application: Finance, Home Appliances, Transportation Material: PP

2. Parcel seals, anti-theft seals, plastic seals, seal seals

3. Security plastic seal processing customization: Yes Printing form: Hot stamping

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