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Plastic gauge seal description
Jun 07, 2018

Plastic instrument seals and plastic instrument seals are one of the most common instrument seals and have a wide range of applications. Meters, water meters, pressure gauges, and gas meters must be used on these meters. The material of plastic instrument seal is generally PE or PC polycarbonate. This material has strong acid resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. The plastic instrument seal can be sealed with the instrument seal line, and does not require the sealing clamp. It is very convenient to use, and it is also widely welcomed by the market and used the most.


When the plastic instrument cover is used, it is only necessary to pass one end of the instrument sealing line (rubber line, steel wire, etc.) through the two holes in the bottom of the plastic seal, and the rotary needle rotates one or two turns to lock the other, and the other one passes through the required instrument. The sealed object is locked and then passed through the two pairs of openings on the top of the plastic seal. The rotary vortex is locked and the turret is broken to complete the seal. The common colors of plastic instrument covers are red, yellow, blue, and green. Of course, other colors can also be customized according to customer requirements. The plastic instrument seal can print customer identification such as LOGO customer name and serial number.

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