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Lead seal replacement speed
Aug 13, 2018

A seal is actually a seal. It is used to seal various containers. Once sealed, it cannot be easily opened unless it is forced to open. Therefore, the seal is like a seal on the goods. It may not be opened without permission, and some may involve legal issues. For example, seals sealed by customs are strictly forbidden to open, otherwise it will lead to violation of the law.

With the development of technology, the seal is constantly being updated, and its update speed is synchronized with the speed of technological development. The prototype of the seal is the seal used for sealing or sealing in ancient times. The seal is written on the seal. It is not allowed to open without permission. The principle of the seal is the same. After the development, there was a plastic seal. It was made of plastic. It consisted mainly of two parts. One side was a square mouth with a flexible plastic button and the other side was a plastic seal. Achieve a good strapping effect.

With the continuous development of science and technology in the 21st century, digital seals have appeared. It is a new type of lead seal developed on the basis of the original seal. It has a good integration of electronic chips. Anti-theft function.

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