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Introduction of steel wire seals
Jul 23, 2018

The steel wire seal, also known as the wire seal, the lock body is made of metal, the lock body is made of steel ball diagonally pulled structure, the ABS plastic is outsourced, and the steel wire is made of aviation wire rope. Sun protection, anti-corrosion; tension-type structure, easy to install. Widely used in container shipping, tank trucks, container trucks, meter boxes and other industries, to monitor the use of anti-theft. The wire seals are blue, red, white and green. Of course, if the demand is large, other colors can be customized according to customers.

steel wire seals

The surface of the lock body can be blanched, stamped, laser printed barcode, logo, and coded. The lock is inserted, and the seal must be removed by a bolt cutter after the lock. Once the seal cannot be opened, the safety is excellent, and it cannot be used again after being used completely. Prevent theft and release of seals.

Each wire seal can only be used once, and it will be broken after opening and can no longer be used. It has a title on it and is unique. When the steel wire seal is used in the container shipping, if the number on the seal of the container obtained by the customer is consistent with the bill of lading, it means that the container has not been opened and the goods are intact. When using a steel wire seal, be sure to check it carefully to see if the number of the seal on each wire is clearly visible.

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