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Instrument Seal Features and Applications
Jun 01, 2018

    The characteristic of the seal of the instrument is that no matter who it is from the seal, it is impossible to open the watch without destroying the seal. Once it is destroyed, it cannot be restored. Current instrument seals are environmentally friendly and non-environmental. Environmentally friendly are generally made of engineering plastics. Non-environmentally-friendly materials are generally older electric meter seals, mainly lead beans and aluminum skin seals (button seals). The lead seal materials are mainly lead and aluminum.

Instrument Seal

   Instrument seals are usually printed on a certain power bureau or water supply company, plus a serial number code (each number is generally different), so as to ensure that there are no two identical seals. The installation of seals on meters such as electricity meters, water meters, gas meters or pressure gauges can effectively prevent theft.

   Power or water companies generally look for regular seal manufacturers to focus on purchasing instrument seals. Then all the instruments in the jurisdiction are managed in a unified manner. If any lead seals are found to have fallen off or are destroyed, they should be promptly filled in to prevent theft.

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