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How to use the tightened wire seal
Aug 01, 2018

The tightening wire seal is composed of the structure of the lock body clamp-type steel car. The default standard length is 300MM. The wire length can be customized according to customer needs. The wire can be used for anti-rust treatment! The color part of the head is injection molded with ABS new material, and the inside is made of spring hexagonal steel. Real materials, quality assurance. The company name, LOGO, code, etc. can be printed by laser or hot stamping.


Scope of application: container container, cement tanker, tank truck, meter box, mechanical valve, CNC table, gas pipe oil pipe junction, etc. Need to mark the field of fastening and sealing.

How to use the tightened wire seal:

1. Thread the wire around the lock hole.

2. Pass the wire through the keyhole.

3. Tighten the thread that passes through to ensure that the locked object is locked.

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