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Check the importance of the seal of the container
Jun 12, 2018

First of all, the purpose of installing container seals is to protect the safety of the goods from being stolen during the transportation process. Of course, if it is simply to prevent theft, then it is entirely possible to use other locks. One reason for installing seals here is that each seal has a unique seal number. If the goods are delivered to the port of destination, the seal is intact and the seal number is the same as that on the bill of lading. This proves that the container is It was not opened during the transportation process. This facilitated the extraction and management of the goods without having to order goods.

the seal of the container

The advantage of container seals is that once the seal is locked, the tensile force can reach 15KN, unless it can be opened by cutting with electric welding, and each seal has a customer identification and a unique code, eliminating the need to open the seal. Buy another seal forge possibility.

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