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Buy plastic seal tips
Jul 27, 2018

Plastic seals are increasingly becoming the most important safety component on the market. Due to the increasing number of thefts, the importance of locks has increased. But in the face of a variety of locks, how can we pick a safe, durable and durable plastic seal? Bochuang prompts you to look at the following key points:

Look at the material

Plastic seal materials on the market are basically divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, iron steel and aluminum. Stainless steel has good strength, strong corrosion resistance and constant color. It is the best lock material; copper is more versatile, mechanical properties are superior, and the price is also expensive; high-quality zinc alloy is strong and wear-resistant, anti-corrosion ability is very strong, easy Forming, generally used to make mid-range locks.

Look at the surface treatment

The general surface treatment includes electroplating, spraying and coloring. Through these surface treatments, a protective film can be formed on the product to prevent corrosion and rust, and at the same time, the product is more beautiful and durable, and the quality of the product can be directly measured. Good quality locks are generally electroplated, with a moderate coating, very uniform coating, bright colors, no signs of air bubbles, rust and oxidation.

See functional design and key components

There are many types of locks, and what kind of locks to choose depends on where they are used. Large brands with high quality requirements have very detailed product classifications for different functional requirements.

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