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Analyze seal sales quotation tips
Jun 05, 2018

How to quote quotes during the sales of seals is very important, effectively seize the needs of customers, and then accurate quotes are the decisive factors for the success of the order. Most of the seal sales staff will be able to quote easily whether it is a telephone inquiry or an online inquiry. As a result, many inquiries by the inquirers will come to nothing. Often the quotations are too frivolous to leave customers with a sense of non-standard. In fact, real customers will first understand your company's seal products and specifications before the inquiry, our seal sales in the received inquiry, we must first ask each other's company name and plastic seal product specifications required . The most important thing is to understand whether the other party is a person in the industry. For example, I am a manufacturer that sells seals and Shi blockades. Then, I would ask: Do you need that type of seal? Is it a wire seal or a plastic seal? Is it tight or fixed? By answering these questions, I can judge whether he really needs my product. For real customers, I usually give a very detailed offer. So how do you make a professional offer? We know different seals, the price is different, because of different materials. In addition, the seal is not a standard type of goods, more custom-made, and therefore the price will be different, such as wire seals, there are two types of tightening and socket type, and the tight wire seals are also divided into different standard lengths, These prices will also be different. Some customers need to print on the seal, some only need a blank seal. Some customers want to invoice, some customers want to issue VAT invoices, and some customers do not need to issue invoices. These quotations are different.

seal sales quotation

The correct process should be to first communicate with customers to understand the needs of customers, and then recommend the most suitable products to customers. In the process of communicating with customers, they also give each other a sense of trust. Finally, they can offer targeted quotes to customers. This often leads to a greater chance of success.

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