High Security Aluminium Alloy Seals

high security aluminium alloy seals have a wide list of applications including sealing containers, dangerous goods, drums, equipment, hatches, doors and more.


Factory Supply custom design cold shrink high security aluminium alloy seals


high security aluminium alloy seals Feature                                                                                                                                                  

Material:     Aluminum alloy and steel wire

Color: Blue/green/yellow/others

Imprinting: Laser printing or hot stamping

Custom ordered:Bar code,Numbering


  • Pressure: High Pressure Mechanical Seals

  • Temperature: Temperature Mechanical Seal

  • Standard: Standard

  • Balance: Balanced

  • Structure: Single End

  • Speed: General Speed Mechanical Seal

  • Performance: High Pressure







1. Resistant to corrosion and weathering
2. Flexible and adjustable
3. Does not require any tools for application
4. Available in different lengths upon request
5. Available in a variety of colors

6. One-time using, can't be opened once locked


high security aluminium alloy seals Details:


  • 100% steel braided aircraft cable construction.

  • Braided cable frays when cut. Alpha-numerically sequenced.

  • Double loop, with 1 set of numbers for security, requires two cuts to remove.

  • Lock AND seal with one low cost unit.

  • Unique design




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